Zi Wei Dou Shu Consultation Service

Dear readers,

I'm a ZWDS enthusiast that has a chance to create this ZWDS calculator.

If you are interested in my reading and may need some guidance, I may help to provide a paid ZWDS reading. The required information that you need to provide:

  1. Gender,
  2. Birth place,
  3. Date of Birth,
  4. Time of Birth.

Some additional information that may be useful:

  1. Current house / apartment direction
  2. Floor plan

You can email the above information to [email protected] and pay by clicking the Paypal button below, I'll try to reach you back as soon as possible.

Paid ZWDS Reading ($100 $50):

I will submit a written report that contains the Basic Chart and Decade Chart analysis, and you can ask any questions afterward. Below is the reading report example:

And below are some of my reading in an open forum: