There are a lot of debates on whether to adjust your local birth time into True / Real Solar Time for destiny reading, either in Bazi or ZWDS. As a ZWDS reader, I want to express my opinion, especially from the ZWDS perspective.

One simple proof can explain better than hundreds of words. In fact, time adjustment also works in ZWDS. Below are some of my reading in an open forum, where I verified the chart using True / Real Solar Time.

Hi @maaax, anyway just curious, is there any health issue/injury, probably related to digestion/stomach area that may lead to surgery around 2014//16/17? If not, take care of of your health in this year 2019. Except you delivered your baby in 2016 by C-section, it means the event already happened.


Hi @fan, I had a surgery in 2014 for fibroid and had c section in 2016 and 2019. So the event should have happened right?


hi, thanks for sharing your story. Just curious:

– 2012-2013, did you change your job / move out to another place? Your career seems a bit unstable at that time, probably there’s a conflict with your boss.

– Is there any relationship in 2011? If there was a relationship at that time, your relationship seems unstable in 2013.

I had a quarel with my boss and changed job to a freelance translator at that time. I went abroad for the first time of my life in 2013. Manage to go to europe bymyself. And got threats from a drug dealer in amsterdam and rome.

Yeah, i had relationship in 2010 and ended in 2011. I was so desperate that time because it ended by blackberry messager.

After 2011, got into 4 or 5 relationships that didnt work at all. Before got into a serious one in 2014, last until now.

Dear fan… U are quite spot on in most areas

BTW I’m interested to check something:

– Looking at your decade luck, it seems your health is not too good in the past, prone to get injury / surgery. Can you remember around 1991-1992 / 1996-1997, do you have another injury / surgery?
No injury/surgery

– What do you do in 2002-2003? It seems a hard year for your job / study.
I worked and studied my degree at the same time.. So u can say I have a hard year

– And do you start dating your husband in 2002/2004 and married in 2006? Yes date in 2004 and married in 2006.

Im impressed

I can’t comment too much on solar time for Bazi, but considering Bazi is using solar calendar, ignoring solar time adjustment seems a contradiction.

Anyway, this topic is an endless debate and pointless debating on this, as a responsible reader better to verify both of chart (with/without RST). I’m not criticizing other opinions, as I also sometimes not adjust to solar time if I feel the clock time is more accurate. But to completely ignore solar time adjustment and claim that RST does not work is not a wise decision.


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