True / Real Solar Time (RST), Adjust or not?

There are a lot of debates on whether to adjust your local birth time into True / Real Solar Time for destiny reading, either in Bazi or ZWDS. As a ZWDS reader, I want to express my opinion, especially from the ZWDS perspective.

One simple proof can explain better than hundreds of words. In fact, time adjustment also works in ZWDS. Below are some of my reading in an open forum, where I verified the chart using True / Real Solar Time.

Hi @maaax, anyway just curious, is there any health issue/injury, probably related to digestion/stomach area that may lead to surgery around 2014//16/17? If not, take care of of your health in this year 2019. Except you delivered your baby in 2016 by C-section, it means the event already happened.


Hi @fan, I had a surgery in 2014 for fibroid and had c section in 2016 and 2019. So the event should have happened right?


hi, thanks for sharing your story. Just curious:

– 2012-2013, did you change your job / move out to another place? Your career seems a bit unstable at that time, probably there’s a conflict with your boss.

– Is there any relationship in 2011? If there was a relationship at that time, your relationship seems unstable in 2013.

I had a quarel with my boss and changed job to a freelance translator at that time. I went abroad for the first time of my life in 2013. Manage to go to europe bymyself. And got threats from a drug dealer in amsterdam and rome.

Yeah, i had relationship in 2010 and ended in 2011. I was so desperate that time because it ended by blackberry messager.

After 2011, got into 4 or 5 relationships that didnt work at all. Before got into a serious one in 2014, last until now.

Dear fan… U are quite spot on in most areas

BTW I’m interested to check something:

– Looking at your decade luck, it seems your health is not too good in the past, prone to get injury / surgery. Can you remember around 1991-1992 / 1996-1997, do you have another injury / surgery?
No injury/surgery

– What do you do in 2002-2003? It seems a hard year for your job / study.
I worked and studied my degree at the same time.. So u can say I have a hard year

– And do you start dating your husband in 2002/2004 and married in 2006? Yes date in 2004 and married in 2006.

Im impressed

I can’t comment too much on solar time for Bazi, but considering Bazi is using solar calendar, ignoring solar time adjustment seems a contradiction.

Anyway, this topic is an endless debate and pointless debating on this, as a responsible reader better to verify both of chart (with/without RST). I’m not criticizing other opinions, as I also sometimes not adjust to solar time if I feel the clock time is more accurate. But to completely ignore solar time adjustment and claim that RST does not work is not a wise decision.


Case Study: Retinoblastoma (Eye Cancer)

This is a good case study, an eye cancer chart contributed by Antonio. Thread:

My personal opinion on this chart from ZWDS perspective:

1. This is a good case where Hua-Lu can indicate Cancer from a health point of view.

2. In her current period, her decade Health “flying Ji” into Life palace with “Tai-Yin birth Quan” become “Quan-Ji” combination. FYI, Tai-Yin can also indicate eyes related problems besides Tai-Yang star.

3. Not only the Hua-Ji, usually we also need to look at the Hua-Lu and see where it’s flying for cancer cases.

4. In this case, her Decade Health palace “flying-Lu” into the opposite palace with “Tian-Ji birth Ji” and “Ju-Men self Hua-Lu” over there, which is a very inauspicious sign.

5. Hua-Lu in the context of Health palace can indicate “growth”, and Ju-Men star is often associated with a hidden and mysterious disease. In this case, it manifested into tumor/cancer related issue, which is also related to the Tai-Yin star, eye cancer.

Best regards

Case Study: Gastric Cancer Chart

This is a good case study, a gastric cancer chart contributed by Antonio. Thread:

My personal opinion on this chart from ZWDS perspective:

1. Decade Health flying “Ke-Ji” clashing Mental (Happiness) palace. Health clashing Mental palace most often indicates terminal illness.

2. Remember that Wu Qu is related to the Metal element, and Zuo Fu is related to the Earth element. Since there’s already “birth Ji + self Quan” in Wu Qu and “birth Ke” in Zuo Fu, it’s an ‘image’ of Earth element is exhausted by Metal element: Wu Qu (3x) and Zuo Fu (2x). Thus, Earth element will be problematic, which is stomach related problems.

3. In 2018, the Year 2018 was in the ‘Ke-Ji’ location.

4. April 18, 2018 = lunar month 3, it was when Month Mental (Happiness) palace is in Decade Health location.

Best regards

Meaning of Wealth palace flying Hua into Siblings palace

Wealth palace flying Lu into Siblings palace:
Wealth palace flying Lu into Siblings palace, indicate that your money or financial aspects are mostly supported by your siblings. If you want to invest, you can go to your siblings, colleagues, classmates or partners. The chances of success are great.

Wealth palace flying Quan into Siblings palace:

Wealth palace flying Quan into Siblings palace, indicate that you will be financed by your siblings. When you are making financial investments, mostly you can listen to the opinions of your siblings, and decide on financial investment or management.

Wealth palace flying Ke into Siblings palace:

Wealth palace flying Ke into Siblings palace, indicate that mostly you can ask your siblings to plan financial matters for you.

Wealth palace flying Ji into Siblings palace:

Wealth palace flying Ji into Siblings palace, indicate that your siblings have a high chance to borrow money from you, and most of them will not pay you back. You will also spend money to take care of your siblings, or when you are lacking money, you will use it for your siblings.

Source: 紫微四化, 藉由紫微斗數預測能力,掌握未來趨勢變化 – 王文華

Meaning of Wealth palace flying Hua into Spouse palace

Wealth palace flying Lu into Spouse palace:
Wealth palace flying Lu into Spouse palace, indicate that you will start to have savings after you get married, the spouse is a person who brings money, or the spouse can save money for you, you can accumulate wealth after marriage. Or easy to get a spouse to support you financially.

Wealth palace flying Quan into Spouse palace:

Wealth palace flying Quan into Spouse palace, indicate that after you get married, financial affairs are managed by the spouse, if you have money, most of it will be controlled by your spouse, the income and expenditure of the family will be managed by the spouse. Should pay attention emotionally there will be quarrels due to money.

Wealth palace flying Ke into Spouse palace:

Wealth palace flying Ke into Spouse palace, indicate that your spouse has a very reasonable financial planning. The spouse has long-term planning and conservative using the money, only spend what you earn; realistic with branded goods and materials (?).

Wealth palace flying Ji into Spouse palace:

Wealth palace flying Ji into Spouse palace, indicate that you will have a poor control over your spouse’s money, or you will spend money on a spouse who spends a lot of money. Should pay attention throughout one’s life it is easy to have emotional problems because of money (?).

Source: 紫微四化, 藉由紫微斗數預測能力,掌握未來趨勢變化 – 王文華

Meaning of Wealth palaces flying Hua into Life palaces

Wealth palace flying Lu into Life palace:

Wealth palace flying Lu into Life palace, which means that your wealth in this life is good, there is no shortage of money to use, your money luck is quite strong, and you want to make a living, as long as you think of it you will make money, generally known as “bring wealth” person.

Wealth palace flying Quan into Life palace:

Wealth palace flying Quan into Life palace, indicate that you’re good at money management, use money with more pragmatic and realistic, suitable to be a financial manager, like an investor, can maximize the efficiency of money.

Wealth palace flying Ke into Life palace:

Wealth palace flying Ke into Life palace, indicate that you’re good at financial management, can quickly absorb new knowledge of financial management, modern concept of financial management (?), have a skill in investment, especially for financial derivatives. Can work in teaching or financial analysis.

Wealth palace flying Ji into Life palace:

Wealth palace flying Ji into Life palace, indicate that you’re lacking concept of financial management & money efficiency (?), cannot put too much money in the pocket, spending too much money, and there is no surplus. It is best to get a help from reliable people to manage your finances.

Source: 紫微四化, 藉由紫微斗數預測能力,掌握未來趨勢變化 – 王文華, page 215.

Meaning of Hua Lu in Spouse Palace

The usage of Spouse palace

Hua Lu in Spouse palace has some meaning:

1. 老婆(另一半)的個性好。
The spouse has a good personality.

2. 自己容易因異性獲福。
Opposite sex brings a lot of luck.

3. 福份財(福德的財帛)佳,容易有財
The spouse is good-looking and rich.

4. 田宅的共宗六位(家庭和樂)。
The sixth palace of Property palace, happy family.

5. 事業的遷移佳。在外的事業順利。
Career’s Travel palace, good doing business outside.

6. 交友的交友。好朋友多一點。
Friend’s friends palace, a lot of good friends.

7. 遷移的氣數位。在外順利。
Travel’s Career palace, it went well outside.

8. 疾厄的田宅(身體不錯)。
Health’s Property palace, healthy body.

9. 財帛的福德。財富來得容易一點。
Wealth’s Happiness, wealth comes a little easier.

10. 子女的父母。當然是有好父母。
Children’s Parents palace, have good parents.

So Hua Lu in Spouse palace, not necessarily the marriage is good or the spouse is rich, but there are some other meanings for Hua Lu in the Spouse palace.

Source: 飛星紫微斗數,這樣學最快懂 – 周星飛, page 212