QMDJ Books Translation: 占科名 Divine Examination

Divination Data

天盤日干 = 應試人
Heaven plate day stem = Examinee

天盤符首 = 主考官
Lead Stem of Heaven plate = Chief Examiner

天盤乙奇 = 副考官
Heaven plate Yi stem = Deputy Examiner

景門 = 考卷答案文章
Jing Men = Examination Solution

Main aspects of divination

Lead Stem of Heaven plate, Yi stem, and Jing Men all of them engender Heaven plate day stem, and Jing Men is located in Wang stage, pass the examination.

There is 1 case, Earth plate Life stem of the Examinee has a lucky door,  not only the test but also good grades, high school. (?)

3.1 之條件,三者欠一都不可,必須二者齊全才可。
One requirement, all of these three things must complete. (?)

Source: 奇門遁甲:卜卦解碼精撰, 占卜篇, Page 22

QMDJ Books Translation: 占官員考績 Divine Career Performance

Main aspects of divination

The Chief palace engender Kai Men or Kai Men control The Chief palace, lucky formation.

The Chief palace control Kai Men or Kai Men engender The Chief, unlucky formation.

The Chief and Kai Men is located in the same palace, the luckiest formation.


◇ 開門宮受符首宮剋:最不好,上級偏心、不公
Kai Men is controlled by The Chief: not a good formation, indicate superior is biased, not fair.

◇ 開門宮剋符首宮:好,被考核人能力強、成績佳
Kai Men is controlling The Chief: good formation, the person being assessed has strong ability and good results.

Source: 奇門遁甲:卜卦解碼精撰, 占卜篇, Page 20

QMDJ Books Translation: 占病 Divine Health/Illness

Main aspects of divination

Earth plate stem meets Sheng Men: the disease can be cured.

Earth plate stem meets Si Men: the disease is difficult to be cured.

Earth plate stem enter graveyard: inauspicious sign.

Earth plate stem enter graveyard and also meet bad stars, bad doors, bad deities: incurable disease.

Earth place stem meet bad stars, and meet San Qi (Yi, Bing, Ding): can survive.

Earth plate stem meet San Qi, lucky doors, stars, Heaven and Earth in harmony: no need medicine the disease can be cured.

Earth plate stem is located with Tian Rui: serious illness.

Tian Rui is in 旺 Prosperous stage indicate a serious illness, if Tian Rui is in 廢 Abandoned, 休 Weak, or 囚 Trap stage: the disease is not serious.

Earth plate stem of Tian Rui that’s countered by another palace indicate the timeframe of recovery.

Source: 奇門遁甲:卜卦解碼精撰, 占卜篇, Page 102

QMDJ Books Translation: 占陞遷 Divine Promotion

Main aspects of divination

Kai Men is located in Wang stage, then it’s lucky and may have promotion.

Kai Men is in Wang stage, and have San Qi, lucky stars and deities, then the condition is enough for promotion.

Kai Men is in Wang stage, not meeting San Qi, luck stars and deities, indicates that there is an obstacle in the environment.

There are 2 cases, Year and Month palace engender Kai Men, and meeting lucky deities & stars, not only qualified to promotion, but also able to get promoted fast.

There are 2 cases, Year palace has lucky stars & deities, and engendering (Kai Men?), but Month palace not lucky, not engendering (Kai Men?). It indicates cannot get immediate promotion, must wait for a period of time.

There are 2 cases, Year palace is not lucky (not have lucky stars & deities, not engendering), must wait for promotion to another year. (Year palace is stronger than Month palace).

Note: 太歲月建宮,都以地支推, (Tai Sui) Year and Month palace are using the Earthly Branches.

Source: 奇門遁甲:卜卦解碼精撰, 占卜篇, Page 13