This is a case study, a fatal traffic accident chart contributed by Antonio. Thread:

This person has been a victim of a deceased traffic accident at around 22:30 on 5 October 2019.

My deepest sympathy for the victim and family. My personal opinion from Bazi perspective:

1. 酉丑酉 half combo forms a “gang”, and 未午 Liu He forms an opposing “gang”.

2. 丑 and 午 has a harm relation, so it’s like the member of 2 “gangs” are enemies of each other. The stronger “gang” that has more “friends” will win.

3. In this case, 酉丑酉 is the stronger one, so 未午 lose and got damaged.

4. Inside 未 has 己 Earth represent his body, and 午 Fire is Resource god represent his health. Both of them got damaged indicate danger in this luck period.

5. 2019 己亥 year, 己 is the arrival of 丑, it activates the harm relation between 丑 and 午.

6. And last but not least, inside 丑 has Flying knife 飞刃, while inside 午 has Shooting star 流霞, and harm relation activates both of Symbolic Stars (Shen Sha).

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