This is a good case study, an eye cancer chart contributed by Antonio. Thread:

My personal opinion on this chart from ZWDS perspective:

1. This is a good case where Hua-Lu can indicate Cancer from a health point of view.

2. In her current period, her decade Health “flying Ji” into Life palace with “Tai-Yin birth Quan” become “Quan-Ji” combination. FYI, Tai-Yin can also indicate eyes related problems besides Tai-Yang star.

3. Not only the Hua-Ji, usually we also need to look at the Hua-Lu and see where it’s flying for cancer cases.

4. In this case, her Decade Health palace “flying-Lu” into the opposite palace with “Tian-Ji birth Ji” and “Ju-Men self Hua-Lu” over there, which is a very inauspicious sign.

5. Hua-Lu in the context of Health palace can indicate “growth”, and Ju-Men star is often associated with a hidden and mysterious disease. In this case, it manifested into tumor/cancer related issue, which is also related to the Tai-Yin star, eye cancer.

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