Hi all, this is a chart of a female owner that got a miscarriage in 2011. I would like to share my thoughts from Bazi perspective, feel free to give other opinions on this.

1. Again, try to find a “gang” and the opposing “gang” (or “alliance”) in the chart.

2. In 2006-2016 丁巳 LP, 巳 has hidden combination with 丑, and 巳 also has six combinations with two 申. While inside the chart, 丑 and 午 are harming each other.

3. So in this case, 巳丑 and two 申 are forming an “alliance” and attacking 午 as the opposing “alliance”.

4. In 2011 辛卯 year, 卯 comes gives help to destruct 午. At this stage, 午 was badly damaged in that period.

5. 午 Fire as output element represents her child, so it manifested as a miscarriage in 2011.

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3 comments on “Case Study: Miscarriage Chart Part 4

  • Hery

    Would SI in LP combines with WU to form half summer season?

    • fan

      IMHO no, as fire in autumn is in trap condition (囚), moreover it’s harmed by 丑.

      • Hery

        So SI will not be able to form half fire due to SHEN, noted. Thanks.

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