This is a miscarriage case study, a female chart that got a miscarriage in 2003. I would like to share my personal opinion on this from Bazi perspective.

1. The first step is to find a “gang” and an opposing “gang” in the chart.

2. In this case, 亥未 half-combination inside the chart, while 未 harm 子. So 亥未 is the first “gang”, and 子 is the opposing “gang”.

3. Between 2002-2012 己卯 LP, 卯 combine with 亥未 to strengthens the “gang” and attack 子 the opposing “gang”.

4. In 2003 癸未 year, 未 also help the to attack 子. So 子 the output star was badly damaged.

5. Output star represents a child, so it may indicate miscarriage in that period.

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