This is another miscarriage case study, a chart of a female that got a miscarriage in 7 weeks, and it occurred in 2017. Again, I would like to share my personal opinion on this from Bazi perspective.

1. This is a 戊 DM born in 申 month with 庚 protruding, Eating God structure.

2. Inside the chart, 寅 clash 申, while 亥 harm 申.

3. Find a “gang” and an opposing “gang” in the chart.

4. Between 2010-2020 癸亥 LP, 亥 in the luck pillar, 亥 in the year branch, and 寅 in the day pillar has a six combination and forms a “gang” with 3 members.

5. While as mentioned above, 寅 has a clash relationship with 申 the opposing “gang”, and 亥 has a harm relationship with 申.

6. So in this case, 亥亥寅 forms a “gang” and attack 申, which is a metal element that represents her output, and also represents her child.

7. In 2017 丁酉 year, 丁 represent 午. As we know, 午 has a half combination relationship with 寅, so 午 (represented by 丁) join the “gang” and help to attack 申. At this stage, 申 was badly damaged.

8. Child element got damaged may indicate a miscarriage in that period.

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One comment on “Case Study: Miscarriage Chart Part 2

  • Hery

    The way i see it, in SHEN month, GENG protrudes, geng is strongly rooted in month EB. GENG SHEN month pillar is producing GUI HAI year pillar even though SHEN in month eb is under attack by YIN. Comes GUI HAI LP, GENG SHEN month pillar is forced to produce twice the amount of GUI and HAI, GENG SHEN in day pillar unable to help due to distance and YIN in day eb, YOU comes to help SHEN in month pillar to no avail, comes DING and further damaged already exhausted GENG. I hope you find this not too confusing. Cheers.

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