This is a good case study, a gastric cancer chart contributed by Antonio. Thread:

My personal opinion on this chart from ZWDS perspective:

1. Decade Health flying “Ke-Ji” clashing Mental (Happiness) palace. Health clashing Mental palace most often indicates terminal illness.

2. Remember that Wu Qu is related to the Metal element, and Zuo Fu is related to the Earth element. Since there’s already “birth Ji + self Quan” in Wu Qu and “birth Ke” in Zuo Fu, it’s an ‘image’ of Earth element is exhausted by Metal element: Wu Qu (3x) and Zuo Fu (2x). Thus, Earth element will be problematic, which is stomach related problems.

3. In 2018, the Year 2018 was in the ‘Ke-Ji’ location.

4. April 18, 2018 = lunar month 3, it was when Month Mental (Happiness) palace is in Decade Health location.

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